Not Working - First Steps

The sliding doors sometimes get a bad press - simply because they are different. But remember that 90% of problems are due to the in-door actuator; another 5% are due to the B-post actuator; another 4% are due to dirty contacts at the front edge of the doors leaving just 1% for other faults.

Try to avoid forcing the doors manually as it COULD stretch the cables and MIGHT cause the slack to jam on the motor drum or over-rev the drive motor.  Should the electrics fail, just use sufficient force to get the door moving; no more.  This includes garage mechanics!

Door not working - first steps

It is assumed you have already tried a  door reset  (also in your Owners Manual and the Familiarisation sheet if still with the car)

Most door problems are due to the  in-door actuator  so, as a first step, change this actuator (you will have to at some time anyway).  After 8 years or so they gum up and slow down anyway as the special grease only has a shelf life of five years!

They can sound like they are working OK - but are too slow to hit the short time window in the software.

 Yves has posted an excellent Youtube demo of worn and new actuators here. 

Be aware that, as soon as the actuator fails, the door computer is put into failsafe mode and will not operate any more electrically - even after a reset you will still get the three bleeps.

After changing this actuator  (around £50 on ebay) : if it still doesn't work then:

If your car won't start or the doors won't work even after a reset, try removing the link HS (or SH) in the BSI for 15 minutes and then replace it.  This may also reset some of the preferences but should at least get you going!

Measured at the 40amp fuses in the glovebox fusebox - door operating currents can be up to 25amps (sliding uphill) or as low as 2 amps (sliding downhill)

Mine are around 12-15amps opening uphill on my drive; 2-3amps when closing downhill

If you  buy a PP2000 kit  off ebay, it will come with the necessary cables to connect to the  OBD port  in the glove locker fusebox.  It may give you a guide to the location of the fault.   Although I have PP2000 myself, I've not needed it yet and it tends to be more time consuming (on my lap top anyway) than going through the above steps!

Good luck - the 1007 doors are actually quite simple!