Left Door (Passenger UK)

Important note on the left door: (driver's door on LHD models)

There is a magnetic switch on the fuel cap door that sometimes fails and then prevents the left door working.  The switch is designed to prevent the door opening during re-fuelling as the left door could open onto the fuel nozzle.

Looking up from underneath the wing after removing the fibre splashguard, the switch is mounted on the side of the fuel inlet and flap assembly

If this switch malfunctions (can be caused during winter if frozen water cracks the switch body) then the passenger door will not operate.  Moving the magnet closer to the reed switch may be all that is necessary if the switch is not broken.

Access to the switch itself is after removing the wheel and fibre splashguard.

Operation of the switch can be checked by lifting the round bung under the left rear seat (seat fully back)

When the round bung is lifted, remove the circular cover and you will see the top of the fuel tank and a two-way connector leading from the fuel filler flap reed switch to the door ECU

An emergency repair can be made by unplugging and connecting together the two wires in the connector.

When the fuel flap is closed, the reed switch should send an earth to the control unit.