old car

Gearbox Cover

The original fibreglass cover was OK but the new rubber one is very much better

August 2004:

Fibreglass gearbox cover from Available Austins (see Parts Suppliers page) was a fair fit but needed some fitting.  Long 2BA screws into original threaded holes in gearbox cover plate hold it at the front.

a new rubber gearbox cover is now fitted (see below)

grommet gives a good finish to the gearbox cover

.  .  .  .  and the fitted item, with a close-up of the superb grommet from the Vintage Supplies range.   (see parts Suppliers page) 

after fitting the gearbox cover

Access to the gearbox filler and the clutch release bearing oiler unfortunately means taking this cover off.

August 2007:
gearbox cover as received

A "custom" gearbox cover similar to the original was badly needed - some had been made many years previously but no more were available from that source.

As ATDC Magazine Editor at the time, I was approached by John Chapman, who had commissioned a new cover.  When it arrived I was most impressed by the quality - needing a few holes drilled but otherwise an excellent fit.  This is a private initiative by John Chapman -  see Parts Suppliers page  - and is well worth buying.

for the various stages in fitting - see  fitting instructions 

I already had a gaiter fitted (actually a car gearlever gaiter) and the new cover fitted snugly over the top of this.

original cover parts

I was also able to use the original curved securing plates.

and the final look enhances the interior of the car

- and is totally draught-proof!