old car

Parts Suppliers

These are the suppliers I have used - no guarantee of course, but they have given good service

note: this page has not been updated since June 2011

however a quick check in August 2018 showed that all businesses are still present

 Austins of Old Arley  most mechanical spares and remanufactured parts
also: aluminium fan; water elbow & dynamo saddle;
fibre Andre Hartford discs and
non-asbestos brake linings
tel:  01676 542174
(9am - 5pm; closed Sun & Tues)
 Alderton Austin Services Ltd  stocks of second hand parts tel: 01242 620609
email: Mark Greening
 Vintage Supplies Ltd  oval mirrors; chrome bumper bolts; fuel tank sealant; leathercloth banding; draught excluder; Andre Hartford dampers; carpet fasteners; petrol filler grommet; gear lever grommet; self tap screws and cup washers tel:  01692 650455
FAX: 01692 651451
 Holden Ltd  POR-15 paints plus a wide range of electrical and small period accessories tel: 01885 488 488
FAX: 01885 488 889
email: sales@holden.co.uk
 John Chapman  Rubber Gearbox cover for early Tens tel: 01303 872750
email:  jchapman386@gmail.com 
 Auto Electric Supplies Ltd 
 Tenbury Wells, Worcs 
starter solenoid, terminals, chassis clips tel: 01584 819552
FAX: 01584 819355
 Rust Solutions(UK)  Re-Paint ACE Range of coach paints tel: 0845 4742845
email:  sales@RustSolutions.co.uk 
 Frost Auto Restoration
POR15 items for petrol tanks and general painting plus many other auto-restoration items tel: 01706 658619
FAX: 01706 860338
email:  art@frost.co.uk 
 C K Motor Engineers 
High Wycombe
cod rod balancing, crack testing and remetalling tel: 01494 530909
 Morris Oils  supplier of oils for classic cars  web site 
 Speedy Cables Ltd 
Abercrave, Swansea  SA9 1SQ
refurbish front brake cablesnot used yet but speedy reply to enquiry tel: 01639 732213
FAX: 01639 732238
email:  cables@speedycables.com 
 Kevin Bacon  for Whitworth & BSF and many other tools tel:  01502 564120
email:   sales@baconsdozen.co.uk 
 Renovo  for weatherproofing vinyl roofs  Renovo web site 
 Chronos UK  for BA sizes and many other engineering supplies tel: 01582 471900
email:  sales@chronos.ltd.uk 
Tony Allard
Abnox-Wanner Oil Gun tel: 0121 522 2221
 Fenix Carriages 
Mark Broadbent
leaf springs
not used yet but highly recommended
tel:  01363 866532