Where we Swim

 location MAP     pool built 1993     extension 2009     new rooms 2012 

The Dolphins swim in the Knights Templar School pool which is at the very end of Liddymore Road in Watchet -   see Location MAP  

At the end of Liddymore Road, carry on towards the new estate. Take a left turn up the school drive, past the front of the school and the pool entrance is through the conservatory end door

The pool was built in 1993 with funding from all areas of the the community and from the Foundation for Sport & the Arts

The pool is 12½ metres long by 5 metres wide.  It has a wide and flat shallow end 0.85 metres deep extending for 4 metres.  This is followed by a 4 metre sloping section where the pool slopes down to 1.2 metres after which comes the final flat section 1.2 metres deep to the end.  Two rows of darker tiles give clear indication of the transition points


Pool ropes can divide the pool up into four lanes, alternatively two cross-pool ropes can divide the pool for safety or underwater practices.  Underwater floodlights give the pool a pleasant atmosphere.