New Entrance Rooms 2012

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the new Entrance Area - LARC Room and Meeting Room are now completed


Aim: to operate the successful Pool for the benefit of the School and Community

The Wansbrough Pool at Knights Templar school is an essential first learning and general use pool in the second town of West Somerset and a feeder pool for local Swimming Clubs.  It has recently gained in importance as the main West Somerset pool, Aquasplash, has been demolished and another local teaching pool has also closed.  Our little pool is now serving most of the District of West Somerset.


After 18 years of heavy use, the lightly built conservatory needed replacement, insulating to modern standards and extending to cope with ever-increasing loads at changeover times.

The new Entrance Area gives a more convenient and user-friendly access for ambulant and disabled users with level access to the pool to comply with modern accessibility standards.

A useful Meeting room has been added, available for group use, together with a second disabled toilet.

Storage within the building for the pool equipment is more convenient for the school and clubs and avoids the previous problem of bringing in dirt when outside storage areas have to be accessed.

The replacement Entrance Area completes the work of renovating and updating the Wansbrough Pool to cope with the extra use and to comply with modern insulation and access standards.

The Pool is managed by the School Governors.  As a Church School, the pool is closed Sunday mornings.  Guided by the school Governors, the sub-Committee is an exempt Charity. 


WATCHET is a small town (pop 4,400) in the rural, deprived, area of West Somerset.  Income has been from School use, lettings to other local first schools, Community and Special Needs groups.  The pool is very heavily used, has a waiting list, is not subsidised and covers its costs.  See Evidence of Use, appended to this report.

Many items of equipment have been replaced in the last 19 years.  New boilers, showers, chemical doser and heat exchanger have been installed with no call upon outside resources.  The pool has been regularly regrouted.

This heavy and continual use by all sectors of the community resulted in some deterioration and we recently raised funds to renovate several areas.  We have also replaced the outer roof with a permanent finish to modern insulation standards.  To cope with usage more than double that initially envisaged we have extended and improved the changing rooms and plant room.

The replacement Entrance Area completes the work of renovating and updating the Wansbrough Pool to cope with the extra use and comply with modern insulation standards.


The new entrance area is insulated to modern standards, reducing heat escape from the pool and minimising the condensation that has been a major enemy of the current conservatory. 

At changeover times the old entrance area became very congested and was much too small for the level of use.  The additional Meeting Room is a valuable and useful asset available for meetings on a neutral site and birthday parties.

The disabled access is integrated into the development by raising the floor level of the whole of the Entrance Area.

The new location for the main entry door improves safety from those requiring vehicle access to the adjacent Little Vikings building.

The new meeting room is integrated into the development and presents a large room independent of the school for meetings, birthday parties etc.

A small extension provides storage space for pool equipment (woggles, floats, hoops etc etc) and is an improvement over the current storage in an outside shed.

The total construction cost was £108,000

Jim Butterworth - July 2012

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