Windows Reset

 see here if windows fail to move 

This can be necessary if, when the window is open and you try to raise it, it goes up but then comes back down to the half way point again.  The only way to keep it at the top it to edge it up bit by bit and not fully close it.

As on any Peugeot/Citroen, it needs to relearn the end-positions.  When the window is closing, the window ECU stops if there is a finger in the way and immediately lowers the window again to avoid injury.

The solution is to lower the window with the switch, and maintain pressure on the switch a few seconds longer so it can relearn the "down" position.  Then raise the window and again keep the switch in the up position a few seconds longer to relearn the "up" position.

If the window is sticky in the guides - check there is no debris in the guides or channel at the top and apply some thin silicone oil to the guides.

this is the wiring diagram for the windows