Windows Fail to move

The sliding windows in the front doors don't often go wrong.  Presumably the  window reset procedure  hasn't worked?

Assuming nothing is stuck in the guides (children's toys or bits of toys) - and it is not simply frozen:

  1. try cleaning all the contacts at the front of the door using sandpaper (NOT wet & dry)
  2. remove both the contact assemblies - easy - and make sure the plug/sockets at the rear are OK after 12+ years exposure.
  3. occasionally the switches themselves can fail
  4. rarely - the winder motor can fail
  5. if the motor runs but the window doesn't move - it is possible the securing clips are broken.  This might happen for example, when the window is frozen closed and someone tries to lower the window.

If the other window is OK it won't be the fuse.

this is the wiring diagram for the windows