Remove Door & Door Lock

 see also Door Jammed Shut 

Before removing the inside door liner - have some replacement clips (6991 S6) available as some are sure to break!

Always fit a full set of clips or the liner can bow out and touch the rear wing as the door opens as there is very little clearance.  Always buy more than you need; they are cheap enough and several will break each time you take the door panel off!

To remove the door

It may prove easier to remove the door for some procedures or in case of accident.

note: remove the door inner lining if you haven't done so already; also remove the third bolt holding the centre roller guide on pre-2007 cars as it will become inaccessible as dismantling proceeds

Yves: Biggest problem is that the door can (and will !!) fall over if you don't hold it somehow.  In my picture you can see that I retained the door at the top with an orange strap.

I just put the door fully open (to be able to access the bolts) and simply lifted it a bit and added 2 supports (2 bricks of stone and some foam to keep damage to minimum).  I also added a lump of foam plastic between the door and the car and strapped it on the top.

I unbolted it completely and left the hinges on the car.  This was by far the simplest way for me since you don't have to do any acrobatics with the door: just unbolt and walk away with it.  I did it on my own; the door is rather heavy but not beyond the ability of one person to lift it.

 To remove the window glass 

this is essential in order to remove the outer handle or more-or-less any repair inside door (apart from the actuator)

Remove door lock
1.  Remove:

The sliding side door
The trim pad
The sealing sheet
Window mechanism (Downwards)
Unclip the electrical connector from the lock


The securing bolts (1) Lock (2)
The securing bolt (3)
Remove the damper (4)

Unclip: The cables (5 - 6 - 7)
Detach and remove: Lock (2)

2.  Refitting

At (A) and (B): Observe the attachment and routing of the cables (5) - (6) and (7)
Tighten the fixings (1) to 1.8 mdaN
Proceed in the reverse order to removal

Fit new sealing components which must be fitted without folds and without tears; It is vital for the contact surface on the door panel to be perfectly clean.  Apply a roller on the pre-bonded parts of the seal panel ; These requirements are essential in order to prevent any invasion of water, dust or noise