Door Handle, Lock and Window Glass

External Window Rubber Seal

are easy to replace - cost £25 each from Peugeot (2018)

Stuart Preston says:  They are same to fit on most cars just pull the others off and push the new on.  Try and keep them straight as they are a pain to keep straight and they just clip on.

Door won't close and lock

Check that the door handle has returned fully forward under the action of the internal spring.  If the doors are usually operated from the key-fob then over a period of time the outside mechanical handle can become stiff because of a build up of oxide on the hinge mechanism.  This can cause the handle to stick in the 'partially open' position even after you have let go.  To fix this, spray with WD40 penetrating oil from time to time to reduce the oxide build up.

Handle not unlocking door; feels loose

The external handle should operate the latch at the back of the door but some have found that the bowden cable to the door latch can stick in the open position.  Before too much dismantling try slackening the bolts holding the door lock in position - one at least has heard a "click" and all came well.  A long shot but if you are lucky will save you a lot of pain!

OR - the cable could have snapped or come loose.
OR - the moving part of the external door handle (the part you pull) has a part attached on the inside that pulls the end of the bowden cable forwards to release the lock mechanism.  This joint between the two parts of the handle can wear sufficiently so that moving the handle has little effect on the other part.

To remove/replace the door glass

First remove the internal door card and the dust seal -  see here 

Jeroen suggests:

1) take off door cover

2) lower window, or whats left of it till you reach 2 white clips, one left one right.

3) unclip if there is some glass left.

4) clean up

5) put new window in from outside lowering down

6) make sure clicks in; the window has two openings in wich the clips should fall in

7) put back cover

Note that the window is held on to the slider by clips that are difficult to release.  The window is easier to remove if you have a companion: lower the window to mid position, then one person releases the clips while the other person grabs and pulls the glass up.  Releasing the clips is the hard part, don't be tempted to use a screwdriver - only fingers or you'll break the window or clips.

After the window is out you need to  remove the motor and rails  before you can get the door handle out.  It is not a very easy or fast fix.

Repeat: the glass fixings inside the door holding the glass to the runners are a push fit but most monkey mechanics pull too hard and they snap.  The clips are white plastic and fixed to the runners.  The glass has a hole either side and simply pushes into the clips.  Getting them out is when they break.

Peugeot say that the best way to fix is to  take the door off  - lay it flat on the floor and strip it out there.  Parts are available.

However Justin suggests: removing and refitting window glass is an easy one man job.  Just use a medium to small flat blade screwdriver to carefully open the plastic lugs and pull one side of glass up at a time.  Remove the outer door glass rubbing strip to make it easier.  Tip the glass to remove from the guides.

Replacing the Door Handle

After you remove the inner door trim, you should see 4 holes covered with foam.  Uncover these and with a 10mm socket spanner loosen the four bolts and remove the handle.  BE AWARE: you also need to remove the glass window (see above) because one bolt will be obstructed by the window.