Heater Blower Fan

 See Fan Control Unit here 

1.  Preliminary operations - photos courtesy James Edmonds

Remove the steering column shaft (1) (this step not needed on RHD models and some say not essential on LHD models)

To get to the blower (RHD cars).  Take out the glove box; 4 screws top, 3 at the bottom (not 4) and 2 x 10mm bolts in the tray.  Unclip the light.

Once glove box is removed....  Look to the bulkhead, right and up.

2.  Removing the Fan & Motor

Release the wiring harnesses.

Unlock and disconnect the connector (4).  The blower has the connector (4) located at the top.  Unclip (red and black wires) and pull out.

Unclip the locking tab (5) by pushing it at (A).  The locating tab (5) may break away - you can secure it with a screw in (6) when re-installed.

Rotate the blower (as B)

Removing the plug from the motor is tricky as it is held in with clips.  Awkward to get out.

Drawing makes it looks easy; not quite so easy in the gloom in practice!

Detach the heater blower (7) by rotating anticlockwise and withdrawing it downwards at (C) -   takes some force.

You can now fit a new fan (two shown in picture; one in car!) - or dismantle and clean the motor - unstick or replace brushes and oil the bearings.

3.  Refitting

Note: If tab (5) is broken, fix motor at (6) using a bolt

Proceed in the reverse order to removal.

Check the operation.