By completing this Award you will be able to perform eight of the following skills

a width is equivalent to 8 metres

  1. Tread water for 30 seconds followed by a 25 metres swim, which includes passing through a submerged hoop.
  2. Perform a backward somersault using a push and glide if necessary.
  3. Perform a surface dive in water of at least full reach depth followed by an underwater swim of at least 5 metres.
  4. Swim 50 metres in 90 seconds.
  5. Swim 25 metres using an inverted breaststroke or backstroke.
  6. Perform a head first entry into water of at least full reach depth and swim 25 metres of front crawl.
  7. Swim one width of front crawl finishing with a forward somersault into the poolside and a push and glide away on the back or front.
  8. Swim one width of butterfly.
  9. Jump into water of at least full reach depth attaining a good height and upright position in flight.
  10. Swim 25 metres propelling a ball and maintaining close control throughout.