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The outcomes of this Award should be performed in water of at least full reach depth, without goggles and in full length clothing (trousers/long sleeved top)

  1. Perform a straddle entry.
  2. Complete a circuit of submerging and resurfacing under or through objects and collecting an object from floor. The circuit must include at least one head first and one feet first surface dive.
  3. Tread water for two minutes without floatation equipment rotating 360 degrees once.
  4. Float for 90 seconds, without floatation equipment with minimal movement in simulated rough/moving water.
  5. Swim a distance of 200 metres.
  6. Swim 50 metres using a recognisable stroke to a floating object then stop in deep water and signal for help.
  7. Perform the Heat Escape Lessening Position (HELP) for three minutes with a lifejacket/Personal Floatation Device (PFD).
  8. Perform the Huddle Position with at least three other participants without floatation equipment; rotate and signal for help.
  9. Climb out from the side, without using the steps or rail or any other assistance.
  10. Perform a shout and signal rescue.
  11. Share at least three facts about the effects of cold water shock and show understanding of how to manage its effects.
  12. Give two examples of local hazards and how to minimise risks when around them.