Rookie Lifeguard Awards

The Dolphins offer the RLSS Rookie Lifeguard awards.  For each award, the swimmer is required to pass a number of designated skills, competently and with a high reliability to achieve the relevant award.

  Rookie Lifeguard Achievers  


 Rookie Lifeguard - Bronze 

 Rookie Lifeguard - Silver 

 Rookie Lifeguard - Gold 

Rookie Lifeguard introduces the children to lifesaving skills and personal survival techniques.

It also enhances stamina in swimming, requiring water fitness treading water, towing and underwater swimming. Rookie Lifeguard is carried out without goggles so it will be head up swimming, sometimes wearing clothing to replicate outdoor rescues and survival.

The Rookie Lifeguard awards are a great introduction towards the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) once they reach the age of 16

Spot the dangers - know the hazards

Advice - take advice from signs and lifeguards

Friend - always go with a friend

Emergency - how to help others in an emergency