old car

Exhaust System

May 2004:

The old exhaust system was very rusty with the silencer and tailpipe rusted through

The new system looks perfect by comparison!

The manifold joint is now held together by stainless allen bolts as the studs/tapped holes are invariably "past it".

this is the shiny new front pipe

and the silencer mounting - best accessed from under the rear seat!

After a bit of juggling, it proved possible to route the exhaust in a  straight line from front to back.  On full rebound, the axle just misses the straight tail-pipe

The tail-pipe was sprayed with heat resistant paint to stave off the inevitable

June 2010:

Time moves on - this exhaust hadn't been touched since fitting 6 years ago, but advanced corrosion meant a new box and tailpipe had to be fitted.  Exactly the same size and fitting as the one above from  Available Austins  so no more pictures needed.