Wheels; Tyres & Toolkit

Warning Security Bolts:

After a while, the alloy wheel seems to grip the steel bolt in a deadly embrace and the standard Peugeot security bolts can be very difficult to remove.  Great to preserve your wheels from predators; not so good if you ever have a puncture.

I had to use a local tyre specialist to get my Peugeot security bolts off.   It took two hefty gorillas (shouldn't call them that; they did me a favour) and extreme force to remove the excessively secure security bolts!  Broke the security spanner in the process (but was going to be scrapped anyway).  See  below  for suggested replacements.

Standard wheels are either Alloy (Sport Models) or Steel (Dolce models) though there are variations.

for Alloy Wheels - tyre size = 195/50 R16
we use Kumho HS51  195/50 R16  88V
Front: 2.4bar (35psi)   Rear: 2.4bar (35psi);  loaded: 2.8 bar (40psi)

for Steel Wheels - tyre size = 185/60 R15
Front: 2.4bar (35psi)  Rear: 2.4bar (35psi);  loaded: 2.8 bar (40psi)

Spare wheels are Steel
Pirelli Cinturato 175/65 R14 Load=82
Normal Pressure: 2.8 bar (40psi)

 See here for possible alternative tyre and wheel sizes 

Note: that low pressures can cause the tyre to fail all around the sidewall

this shows the early stage of tyre failure - 4 year old Kumho tyre after 18,000 miles which had been inflated at normal pressures all its life.

How old is your tyre?

They are shown in an oval marking on the sidewall.  There are four numbers: The first two are the week number, the last two are the year.

Wheel Bolts

A word of warning: there are two types of aftermarket wheel bolts for Peugeot alloy wheels: one is correct; one incorrect for the 1007

on the left, a narrow-shank wheel bolt - as used on the 205 but not for the 1007 as it doesn't locate the wheel fully and cannot be used on the spare.

On the right is an original Peugeot 1007 bolt which has a larger shank to locate it securely in the alloy wheel but has a 17mm head with a push-on chrome finished cover.

The bolt covers can occasionally be hard to remove with the plastic tool so I bought three sets of these which are all-in-one bolts with 19mm heads and a "bright" finish.

This in turn means that the supplied wheel spanner is too small (and as many have discovered when stranded with a flat tyre) is in any case unable to cope with the stiction created as tight bolts corrode into the alloy wheel material.

So I made certain all three of our extending wheel brace spanners had 19mm sockets on the end.

When necessary, the shouldered wheel bolt will hold the spare wheel on the taper (in which case the flat washer will appear loose).

Tool Kit

Tools are kept in two places - here, behind the cover on the left of the boot.

and the jack etc in the centre of the spare wheel.


These are the tools stored in the tool roll in the boot