Radio; Aerial; CD Player & Speakers

The roof aerial

the "bee sting" aerial mount supports a simple aerial that can be unscrewed should it get damaged.

the aerial mount fitted to cars with the RD3 radio has no amplifier and a single lead. A more complex unit is fitted to the cars with the RT3 radio (see below) and provides amplified sat-nav; radio and telematics outputs.

the aerial mount with the multiple outputs for the RT3 radio shown dismantled.

The 1007 aerial base is the same as the Peugeot 406 aerial base (= 6561GP) (= 9636280380) which is probably more easily available.

this connection board is accessed after dropping the rear end of the roof lining.

there are four connectors, each with difficult-to-unclip plugs/sockets!

the "bee sting" fits very snugly into a square hole in the roof and is secured by a very special washer and nut to ensure the wires have clearance.

taken apart, it is clear that the original mount has succumbed to an ingress of water

The integrated RD3 radio/CD player is a good radio; nonetheless some wish to replace it with a later head unit.

Be aware that the permanent live and switched live are transposed on Peugeots which can mean the battery will discharge overnight if you don't change the wiring.

Personally I can't see the point as the existing receiver is well up to the job in (let's face it) cars that are now (June, 2022) mostly fifteen and more years old.

Some decide to upgrade their speakers:

Anton Zolotarjov: the front speakers are 16.5 cm.  the rear speakers are 13 cm.

to remove:

For the front speakers - only the plastic speaker grille.  There's an indentation closer to the windshield - put a spudger, a flathead screwdriver or a knife in it and pull upwards carefully.

The rear speakers are a different story: you'll need to remove the whole panel, and then undo the rivets that are holding the speakers in place.  And you'll need a rivet gun to put new ones in.

A few cars were fitted with the RT3 Telematics system which incorporated Radio, Telephone and Sat-Nav

This would have cost £1,020 extra back in 2006

this shows the schematic of the RT3 unit

double-click to enlarge further

this shows the wiring diagram of the RT3 unit

double-click to enlarge further

The original Sat-Nav firmware on my yellow car was version 5.42 and worked well, though the Sat-Nav information dated back to 2005.  To update to the Sat-Nav 2013/4 discs required a firmware update; these are occasionally available on ebay.

The RT3 Firmware was updated from 5.42 to 5.95.  With the engine running to prevent the car going into economy mode, insert the update disc and leave it to complete the update.  It took only 2 mins to load files and 6 mins to load Navigation approx.  It did eject and auto-reload several times.  Left it running for 15 mins to be certain and there was no further action so assumed all was loaded.

The update in July 2014 reset many of the settings, so I had to go through all the menus again.  However it retained the saved navigation addresses and all seems well with the upgrade.  The Sat-Nav is now updated to the 2013/4 version

This is quite an early Sat-Nav which works extremely well.  However I did find that there could be a delay in some of the voice commands (like telling me to turn right a second or so AFTER I had turned right) - this "problem" was cured by turning off the RDS function, so I can only assume the delay was due to processor overload.

Note that the RT3 screen is entirely driven by the radio-unit so if the radio-unit is faulty, the screen will not work.  The RD3 multifunction screen is a separate unit that monitors the can/van bus for useful info and displays that (so is easily changed if necessary).

also note:
RT3 VANBUS: Left-bottom button has 'RDS' on it
RT3 CANBUS: Left-bottom button has 'List' on it.

A few cars were fitted with the JBL Sound system

This would have cost £400 back in 2006

It would be difficult to update a "standard" car as there appears to be significant extra wiring with the JBL system - the amplifier is behind a panel in the boot; and the woofer is in the right-hand under-floor compartment so will have special wiring looms.

Best bet would be to take the system off a scrap car and transfer everything across, but it won't be a simple job.

Some cars were fitted with a CD Multichanger

This would have cost £230 back in 2006

The CD-changer is "96469053XT-New Genuine Citroen / Peugeot 5-Disc CD Changer Blaupunkt - 656476" and until 2015 a few were still available new on ebay.  They do suffer from an inability to change CD's as they age so look for a new one as being more reliable.