Rear Bumper & Sensors

Rear Bumper removal

These are simply clicked into place.  Start from one end and gently prise the bumper out as the clips release - I used a flat blade to ease the clips out whilst pulling on the bumper gently.

Release any connectors as you proceed and the bumper comes away very neatly.

To replace, start at one end and press in until the clips engage

Rear Parking Sensors

The wiring diagram for the parking sensors (where fitted).  The sensors won't work unless the reverse light switch is OK (mine had failed) - and ALL the sensors are good (one of mine had failed).

They can be turned on/off by the dash switch (extreme left switch on central console)

The reverse light switch is on top of the gearbox - it needs a long 22mm socket to remove.  Replacements (shown) need a more easy to find long 19mm socket.


The parking ECU is under the side panel next to the rear seat on the right, inches from the sliding-door B-post pull-in actuator.  Shown is actually one for front & rear sensors off another car, but "rear only" 1007 ones probably look similar.


The original (optional extra) fittings have 4 sensors mounted in the back bumper.  If one of these fails it is hard to find which one as they are digital and don't whistle like analogue types.

As above, start removing the bumper from one end, releasing any connectors as you proceed until the bumper is completely off.

Once the job is started the bumper peels off easily.

Do be careful with the wiring - otherwise this is an easy job!

With the bumper up on the bench, it can be cleaned and the sensors released from the special clips.

- OR leave the bumper on the car and change the sensors one-by-one with a good spare until you find the faulty one.

when removed from the bumper, the sensors look like this.

If the parking sensors are still not working, then the blue connector in the right-hand rear wheel arch can get dirty and cause problems.  Remove the fibre splash protector for access and clean the connector.

The green car didn't have parking sensors so I fitted  Meta Number Plate Mount Parking Sensor Kit SR2 Targa  which works as well as the factory units.