Quick Settings

For freezing cold mornings:

 a very thin smear of silicone grease or furniture polish  around the door seals can limit the damp ingress and should prevent ice sticking the seals together

Brightness of the dash lights:

When the sidelights are on, is controlled in steps by the right hand button (below the rev counter).  Repeated press to raise/lower illumination

To programme the remote control key fob:

After changing the remote battery (DL1620), wait at least one minute before using the remote control.

  1. Switch on the ignition
  2. Press either the lock or unlock button for at least five seconds within the next ten seconds
  3. Switch off the ignition
  4. WAIT AT LEAST ONE MINUTE before using the remote control
Door reset procedure:
  1. Gearbox in neutral - start the engine.  (to raise the battery voltage to around 14.3 volts with the engine running)
  2. Fully open both doors by hand (just enough force to get the doors moving)
  3. Fully close both doors by hand until the contacts on the front of the door connect
  4. Turn off ignition.  Doors should operate normally.
Follow-me-Home Lighting:

turn ignition key to OFF position and the lighting switch to "O"
Flash the headlights within 1 minute.

Automatic Wipers: (Sport models only)

this works automatically with an indication on the display when the wiper switch is put in position "Auto"

Automatic Headlights (Sport Models only)- to switch on/off:

turn the ignition key to accessories position (1st notch) and lighting switch to "O".
Press the end of the light stalk for two seconds.

Automatic Central locking on/off:

with the ignition ON - press and hold the button showing the padlock alongside the coin holder.  You should get an audible warning of the change of state which switches on (or off) the Central Locking when speed exceeds 6mph.

Resetting the Service Indicator

hold in the tripmeter reset button and then turn ignition on and keep it holding in for at least 15 seconds.

Total Mileage/Trip Mileage indication:
  1. briefly press the left button (below the fuel gauge) to alternate between total and trip mileage indication
  2. reset trip distance to zero by pressing the button when showing the trip mileage
Throttle Pedal reset: Erratic or fast tickover:

Could be due to the throttle butterfly being stuck (remove air filter and clean butterfly) - or is not matched to the accelerator pedal potentiometer:

  1. Switch ignition switch off then on for 15 sec or until a "wheezing" type noise stops
  2. Switch off for 15 sec.
  3. Depress accelerator fully; switch on ignition for 15 sec then off again.  Do NOT start the engine

The pedal and the throttle should now be matched