Model 1007's

There appears to have been four sizes of 1007 models in a very restricted range of colours

This is the largest, 1:30 scale, by Kinsmart.  This model has sliding doors.  Colours: Green; Blue; Red; Yellow

Next one down is a 1:43 scale, (Dinky size) by Norev.  Colours: black; blue; yellow; maroon.   There is also an RC version in black (see picture above)

And the smallest is just 1:64 scale, again by Norev.  Colours: black; green; maroon; yellow.

According to the 2005 UK catalogue, there was an even smaller size, called an "action model".  Colours appear to be: red; green; black; blue; yellow; orange

and here are all 4 sizes

Although the three smaller sizes were mentioned in the 2005 UK catalogue, there are no part numbers.  The catalogue blurb:

"Can't bear to leave your 1007 behind? Keep it with you at home or in the office with one of these irresistible, authentic, 1/43 scale collectibles in either yellow or black.  Also available as 3 inch models in four colours, or action models in a choice of six colours"