Identify your 1007


The VIN number can be seen from outside, through the front left-side front quarter window

in addition to Vin Numbers, Peugeot use RPO (or DAM) numbers that include the date the car left the factory.  This means that a number of cars will have the same RPO number.

The RPO, tyre data and body colour code (usually three letters "KSH" on my green car) should be on the sticker on the left side B-post. Picture is from my 1.6 Sport, but applies to all versions and years of the 1007.   Many of these cars were stored for up to 18 months before sale.


Marinus and Yves suggest:

RPO = 1055681 - 10556 = a build date of 3/10/2005
The last two numbers - 81 = means the car was built at Poissy.

10081 = production line 1 - car #81 of that day from line 1
KSH = the colour "Cayman Green metallic";
20060315 = model year 2006 - serial number 0315
First registered: 28/3/2007 - 18 months later