Fuse Warning

WARNING: only fit fuses from established manufacturers

(avoid the pretty and cheap ones you can find on ebay)

FUSES - A WARNING TO ALL - when is a fuse NOT a fuse?

If a blade fuse looks like a blade fuse and has a 10amp rating marked on, you assume it to be a 10amp blade fuse - WRONG

Out of interest (together with an element of suspicion), I tried to blow two unbranded 10amp fuses.  They took 23amps continuous current - got hot (melted the plastic) but didn't blow.  Same with a 7.5amp fuse - took 23amps without blowing.  This means that, should something go faulty then at least 23amps could pass continuously into the fault.  This would most likely result in smoke and a damaged wiring loom.

I checked the few original remaining fuses I had, marked Littelfuse - they all blew at rating plus about 20%, no more.  Perfection.

SO there are good fuses and bad fuses.  The eBay listings only seem to offer unbranded types - having been caught out once I won't be going down that route again.  The original fuses for my Jaguar were made by Littelfuse - so after some hunting I ordered a set A04030 to be sure of having fuses that will actually BLOW when overloaded.

check ALL your fuses are marked Littelfuse (or other recognised brand) - NOW