Buying a 1007

This is only my opinion, but the Peugeot is a definite step up from other mass produced cars.  Many coming from elderly owners are low mileage - don't pay too much for them though; some are still asking exorbitant prices.

If any work has been done on the front suspension - I would advise having the gearbox oil changed as it is possible some may have been lost and they don't have a level plug (any Peugeot or Citroen dealer will know what I mean).

Front springs can break if they have been exposed to salt - they usually break in very cold weather and when parked.  There is no record of spring breakage causing an accident but I shall be changing mine every five years!

Occasionally an alternator or starter motor will fail, though probably not until 50,000 miles plus.  Change the battery every five years at most as they are critical to the electronics working properly.

Many have exceeded 100,000 miles - the highest I have heard of so far is 200,000 miles.

Don't worry excessively - ALL cars have problems!

Perhaps I should have said they are a delight to drive, have plenty of room inside (as long as you don't have a big family); engines are reliable and the doors have a unique wow! factor.

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