Flat Battery

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Warning - Warning - Warning

If you fit an aftermarket radio be aware that the battery live and ignition live wires are transposed on the 1007

Many have found (too late) that the "new" radio remains on even when apparently switched off - and a flat battery in the morning and no way in to the car.

The 1007's are normally set up to deadlock on first press of "lock" button.  It is possible to reset the fiendish deadlocking to become "single locking" via PP2000

To change to single (normal) locking: using PP2000.

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Battery goes flat or is Disconnected - Doors, Bonnet & Windows closed

You may have a double-whammy as

  1. when the battery dies, it can scramble the electronics making it difficult to restart
  2. if it was locked and the windows & doors closed then there is no way in.

However see below which describes a way of getting in if you are lucky.

WARNING: If you disconnect your battery - then do leave the doors unlocked and the windows open

Do not open the bonnet, lock the doors and take the battery out because if you (or some helpful assistant) then closes the bonnet there is no way of opening the doors or tailgate.

The only way out of this situation will involve grovelling under the car as below: do wear glasses in case there is a spark or oil drops into your eyes.

UNLESS - if you have this set up in advance, then see

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Þórleifur Ugluspegill Ásgeirsson has been there, done that.   Not quite as hard as he thought.

  1. Jack up both sides of the car (in case of an accidental starting and better workspace) and have the key in your pocket or very close by.
  2. All modern cars are negative earth, so using jump leads, connect negative of a spare battery onto a chassis point (or somewhere on the engine)
  3. Then wrap about a meter of ordinary 1.5mm stiff wire around the positive battery terminal and crawl under the car from the front holding the stiff stripped wire in your right hand.
  4. You can just about see the starter above.  Touch the thick cable on the starter with the end of the stiff wire (careful not to touch chassis).
  5. You should hear some clicks as the BSI comes to life: PRESS THE "DOOR OPEN" button on the key with your other hand.  If you are lucky, this will clear the dead-lock and the door should begin to open.
  6. Once into the car, open the bonnet and fit the new battery - wait 30 seconds for the electronics to settle and you should be OK.
  7. Resolve never to do it again