Air Conditioning

A reminder to run your air con occasionally through the winter months as it keeps the seals etc lubricated.  Use it or lose it!

It does appear to me that the Peugeot air con is particularly good at holding its pressure so if it stops working well, it is worth while getting a top-up - £35 is quite a reasonable rate for what is involved.

See  this page  for a good explanation of pressures to be expected in a car air conditioning system.

On a hot day, my yellow car was measured (PP2000) at 14 bar (200psi) which is within the range (and is working well)

Removing the manual air conditioning panel  info from Anton Zolotarjov
  1. the hardest part was unscrewing the two bottom torx screws (the ones directly above the cupholder).  Since I didn't have an angled screwdriver for this task, what I ended up doing was holding the screwdriver bit with pliers and unscrewing them that way.
  2. You then need to take out the radio (I didn't even need to disconnect it, I just pulled it out and propped it up against the steering wheel)
  3. this will reveal four more torx screws holding up the panel.  These ones are easy.
  4. The light bulbs will be accessible once you take out the AC controls, use pincers or narrow pliers to remove them (best to replace both of them at the same time, to save yourself the trouble later on).
  5. Do the reverse to put everything back in place, and don't forget the two screws at the bottom