Philips 735A Receiver

The Philips 735a is a rare 4-valve plus rectifier receiver using the unique EFM1 valve as a combined AF Amplifier and Tuning Indicator (Magic Eye).

Sold with new tested spare EFM1

As usual, Philips were unconventional and unnecessarily complicated with two valves mounted horizontally.

Trader Sheet 438 shows the circuit.

The identity plate on the chassis.

The tuning scale (as found and not cleaned up).  The first six keys are for specific stations; the right three to select a waveband

The station names strip isn't illuminated; the (cardboard) station names are inserted behind springy brass.

Upper is a tone control; lower lever is the selectivity switch (why do it the simple way?).

Lever to the left = maximum selectivity.

the unique EFM1 valve acts as an AF Amplifier and Tuning Indicator (Magic Eye) - the hardened rubber shroud is lying on the back of the chassis (maybe someone forgot to reinstall it?).

Typical Philips complicated pointer drive - the single dial light lights up the glass magnifying pointer

The set has a good back cover, however the station adjuster tool (which should fit in the hole top left) is missing.