Swimathon Results 2019

the eight teams swam a total of 632 lengths = almost 10 miles!

WHALES: 64 lengths in 40 minutes

Arabella Nevada; Aurelia Simmons; Annie Creech

Jack Smith; Lukas Middleton; Paulina Obodzinska

WALRUSES: 46 lengths in 40 minutes

Charlie Batten; Holly Radford; Jacob Woolgrove

Maxwell Higgins; Melania-Rose Hughes; Paul Doake-McNally

SEALIONS: 67 lengths in 40 minutes

Benjamin Phippen; Joshua Holmes

Maisie Flamson; Max Munro; Seth Newell

BARRACUDAS: 51 lengths in 40 minutes

Aiden Oldfield; Ella Bagg; Ella Woodward

George Snell; Isabella Lyder; Zacharias Lyder

SHARKS: 83 lengths in 40 minutes

Charlotte Higgins; Esme Priddle; Frankie Notley

Niamh Higgins; Roxanne Doake-McNally; Tasmine Swallow

SWORDFISH: 68 lengths in 40 minutes

Erin Baker; Holly Fisher; Joshua Marsh

Layla Dymond; Lilly Fisher; Tom Ambler

SEALS: 122 lengths in 55 minutes

Amelia Marsh; Amelie Keal; Ava Creech; Ben Higgins

Eleanor Blackmore; Ella Holmes; Evie Middleton; Harvey Batten

PORPOISES: 131 lengths in 55 minutes

Ashleigh Hickman; Ella Smith; Kaitlyn Allen; Kodie Ware

Marley Gubb; Martha Williams; Neve Ware