Swimathon Results 2018

the seven teams swam a total of 538 lengths = almost 8½ miles!

GIANTS: 41 lengths in 40 minutes

Arabella Nevada; Aurelia Simmons; Isabelle Sheasby

Jack Smith; Lexi Jefferies; Lukas Middleton; Toran Howard

WHALES: 49 lengths in 40 minutes

Abigail Sheasby; Ella Woodward; Layla Dymond

Max Munro; Noah Antonelli; Seth Newell

SEALIONS: 67 lengths in 40 minutes

Charlotte Higgins; Esme Priddle; Frankie Notley

Joshua Holmes; Joshua Marsh; Tom Ambler

PIRATES: 69 lengths in 40 minutes

Ava Creech; Courtney Hough; Ella Holmes

Evie Middleton; Harvey Batten; Libby Thomasson; Louisa Rowe

SHARKS A: 93 lengths in 40 minutes

Amelia Marsh; Amelie Keal; Casey White

Charlotte Norris; Orien Howard; Roxanne Doake-McNally

SHARKS B: 93 lengths in 40 minutes

Ben Higgins; Izabella Antonelli; Mabel Green

Niamh Higgins; Tallulah Webber; Tasmine Swallow

ROCKETS: 126 lengths in 55 minutes

Ashleigh Hickman; Henri Rowe; Kaitlyn Allen; Kodie Ware; Maisy Kidner

Martha Williams; Neve Ware; Sophie Hough; Thomas Griffith Parbrook