Swimathon Results 2015

the ten teams swam a total of 772 lengths = 12 miles!

SEALS: 57 lengths in 40 minutes

Amelia Marsh; Casey White; Charlotte Hirons; Connor Booth; Eleanor Blackmore; Jamie Chedgey; Lenny Morris; Louisa Rowe

GIANTS: 37 lengths in 40 minutes

Amelie Keal; Harvey Batten; Lilly Baker; Sebastian White; Tallulah Webber; Tasmine Swallow

WALRUSES: 52 lengths in 40 minutes

Abigail Sweet; Charlie May Sutton; Lettie Sutton; Max Sully; Olivia Debenham; Sophie Hough

WHALES: 65 lengths in 40 minutes

Amelia Weaver; Charley Holdsworth; Grace Foweraker; Jude Stanbury; Katie Rowe; Roy Liang

BARRACUDAS: 71 lengths in 40 minutes

Ashleigh Hickman; Charlie Roberts; Daria Zarowna; Elizabeth Smith; Henri Rowe; Jed Noble; Megan Rutt; Sophia White; Sundari Scarborough

SEALIONS: Best First-School Club: 96 lengths

Chloe Bown; Codie Holmes; Eve Rowe; Evie Holdsworth; Gracie Jackson; Martha Williams

SWORDFISH: 64 lengths in 40 minutes

Jack Gardner; Jemima Williams; Kaitlyn Allen; Marley Gubb; Phoebe Schmieder; Samantha Caddick

SHARKS: Second First-School Club: 95 lengths

Kate Chedgey; Lily Clark; Oliver Rowe; Rosie Webber; Tycho Simmons; Tyler Webster

PORPOISES: 135 lengths in 55 minutes

Alex Wagner; Coral Fry; Isabelle Webber; Sam Jackson; Tilly  Phillips

ROCKETS: 100 lengths in 55 minutes

Bartosz Kubaczewski; Bethany Foweraker; Daria Zarowna; Keegan Noble; Molly Sutton; Tomasz Kubaczewski