Swimathon Results 2013

the ten teams swam a total of 780 lengths - over 12 miles!

SEALS: 48 lengths in 40 minutes

Charley Holdsworth; Eleanor Moffatt; Jimi Law; Katie Bryans; Oliver Jones; Samuel Chedgey

GIANTS: 66 lengths in 40 minutes

Chloe Bown; Eve Rowe; Evie Holdsworth; Gracie Jackson; Harriet Baker; Martha Williams

WALRUSES: 51 lengths in 40 minutes

Connor Grint; Elizabeth Wrayford; Esme Atkinson-Large; Jemima Williams; Molly Ball; Tycho Simmons

WHALES: 63 lengths in 40 minutes

Kate Chedgey; Lily Clark; Samantha Caddick; Orlana Short; Robyn Booth; Tyler Webster

BARRACUDAS: 58 lengths in 40 minutes

Abbie Furse; Amber Lintern; Jodie Furse; Keegan Noble; Liam Webb; Louis Fraser; Olivia Stanbury

SEALIONS: 71 lengths in 40 minutes

James Knight; Sam Jackson; Daniel Wood; Ruby Merson; Robbie Valentine; Imogen Jones

SWORDFISH: 70 lengths in 40 minutes

Eloise Welsh; Isabel Ambler; Isabella Hole; Lauren Hirons; Lia Welsh; Nicholas Winzer; Sophie Haden; William Wrayford

SHARKS: Best First School Club: 93 lengths in 40 minutes

Isabella Weaver; Jazmyn Phillips; Luke Batts; Millie Salway; Molly Baker; Natasha Sweet

PORPOISES: 114 lengths in 55 minutes

Aimee Farmer; Holly Ambler; Isabelle Webber; Jamie Furse; Kirsten Lanning; Sophie Wood

PARENTS and HELPERS: 146 lengths in 55 minutes

Chloe Roberts; Kelly Holdsworth; Kelly Short; Lauren Roberts; Sophie Morton; Toni Wrayford