Swimathon Results 2012

the ten teams swam a total of 856 lengths - over 13 miles!

GIANTS: Youngest Team: 42 lengths in 40 minutes

Chloe Bown; Eve Rowe; Evie Holdsworth; Gracie Jackson; Harriet Baker; Martha Williams

WHALES: 69 lengths in 40 minutes

Coral Fry; Isabella Weaver; Isabelle Webber; James Knight; Lauren Hirons; Sam Jackson

ROCKETS: 65 lengths in 40 minutes

Daniel Wood; Molly Sutton; Myla Johnson-Smith; Robyn Booth; Rosie Webber; William Wrayford

SHARKS: Best First School Club: 88 lengths in 40 minutes

Aimee Farmer; Christie Hawker; Freya Wyatt; Harriet Criddle; Jazmyn Phillips; Maya Leworthy

JETS: 72 lengths in 40 minutes

Archie Holloway; Jamie Furse; Luke Batts; Millie Salway; Ruby Merson; Tess Fortune

FALCONS - 59 lengths in 40 minutes

Abbie Furse; Imogen Jones; Isabella Hole; Molly Baker; Olivia Stanbury; Solomon Jelley

HAWKS: 42 lengths in 40 minutes

Connor Grint; Elizabeth Wrayford; Kate Chedgey; Lily Clark; Orlana Short; Samantha Caddick; Sky Golding

TORPEDOES - 113 lengths in 55 minutes

Cleo-Loreen Stevens; Ethan Jones; Fletcher Murrell; Kirsten Lanning; Riley Murrell

PORPOISES: 160 lengths in 55 minutes

Aimee Murrell; Cara Hawker; Chloe Roberts; Savannah Thompson; Sophie Morton; Tilly Phillips

BARRACUDAS - 146 lengths in 55 minutes

Callum Wyatt; Ellie Sutton; Emily Hayes; Emily Sutton; Katie Embling; Louis Stanbury