Preliminary Safety Awards

 Swim England Preliminary Safety Award Successes 

Preliminary Safety Skills Award outcomes
  1. Enter water with a swivel entry, walk five metres away from the side, turn through 180° and return to the side.
  2. Jump into shoulder depth water, turn to hold the side, travel hand over hand to the steps and climb out.
  3. Enter the water of at least full reach depth with a swivel entry and hold the side; remove both hands from the side and rotate through 360°, hold side and exit the water.
  4. Enter water of at least full reach depth with a swivel entry; hold the side with one hand; release the hand and tread water for 10 seconds; exit the water.
  5. Travel five metres on the front; rotate onto the back and kick five metres to the side.
  6. Travel five metres away from the side and without touching the bottom show a vertical position for three seconds before travelling back to the side.
  7. In shoulder depth water and without touching the side fully submerge the head showing confidence and control.