Basic Survival Awards

 Basic Survival successes 

As an introduction to Personal Survival, all beginners groups carry out basic Survival sessions

Children are asked to wear old every-day clothes over their normal swim-wear.  A thin T-shirt and trousers will be a good start.  Activities will be within the ability of the children and the intent is to gain experience rather than for any particular target.

As they get stronger, they experiment with heavier clothing (and perhaps the effect of wearing shoes or wellies).  The intent is to allow some freedom for experimentation - but parents are asked to ensure that all clothing and footwear is clean before entering the pool.

The sessions are quite fun - but with a serious intent:  taking the correct actions in the first five seconds of sudden immersion are very important.

Dolphins Basic 1

tread water 10 secs - swim 5 metres - use a float for support

Dolphins Basic 2

tread water 20 secs - swim 10 metres - use a float for 10 secs - swim under a rope

Dolphins Basic 3

tread water 30 secs - swim 25 metres - use a float for 30 secs - swim 10m under 2 ropes