old car

Front Wings

The front wings are almost certainly not original as they are the later (1936 only) Sherborne wings which have more metal just behind the wheel.  The wing supports show signs of bending so the car probably had an accident early in its life when the later wings were fitted.

October 2003:

Because the Lichfield had been driven through a ford every day, the underneath had surface rust but was otherwise surprisingly clean, even after having stood for 25 years.

'er indoors watches as the work progresses .  .  .  .  .  .

June 2004:

Front and rear wings had no build-up of dirt underneath as the car had been regularly driven through a ford on the way to its garage.  Wirebrushing was hardly necessary!

Hammerite Underseal with Waxoyl were used to underseal the wings.

The front offside wing hadn't been cleaned on top when this series of pictures was taken .  .  .  .  or underneath .  .  .  . 

.  .  .  .  this is from the front of the car, looking back under the wing.

Rear corner of the nearside wing showing the bottom of the A-post welded to the main body frame.  Note the rust hole in the body frame just behind the A-post (the only serious rust I have discovered so far!).  The other side has had a small welded patch added at some time.

August 2005:

Thought I would try a period width indicator on the nearside wing, but as I've had no difficulty driving so far - I took it off!

April 2009:

The POR15 paint had lost its lustre after two summers so I freshened it up using re-paint ACE coach paint.

It dries very quickly so very important to keep the brush moving!