Windscreen & Wipers

October 2003:

As found - the Austin had spent the last 25 years in an open-sided shed on the edge of a wood in a remote valley and 200 metres from any road or track.

It looks a bit draughty with the screen open!

This car uses the early over-centre catch to hold the window open or closed;  it closes on the first bump!   There is no spring or catch to hold it in the open position.

A leak around the top seal will have to be dealt with - though in fact no water leaked in and it has been left .  The car has been in the open for the last 5 years and hasn't leaked anywhere! (September 08)

The wiper shafts were seized but were there and look very original, including the linkage to the passenger's wiper.

April 2004:

Wiper arms appear to be very original, complete with the external linkage.  The securing bolt acts as a cotter pin to give positive location on the wiper motor shaft but is a pig to replace as the spring works against you!

The wiper motor was seized as was the idler shaft on the passenger blade.

Judicious cleaning and oiling soon had the old motor running again - but it is well worn.   New ones are available - or an early post-war second hand one as used on early Series I Landrovers.

The wiper blades were well disintegrated.  This is an original slot-type blade fitted on the passenger side.

This is the slotted blade in close-up; a small hook in the end of the arm clips into the slot.  The blade won't fall out unless it is lifted off the screen.  What was left of the rubber has fallen away at this point.

Before you say anything - the slot is almost the same as the slot would be if the peg-type attachment was removed from a later blade - BUT the slot is about ¼" longer.

and here is a standard peg-type blade; the arm has been drilled to secure this blade with a nut and bolt.

September 2004:

The original arms, although in good condition, didn't apply much pressure to the screen.   A "modern" arm was fitted initially.  It wiped well but I couldn't have dual wipers as there was no location for the link arm.

The old motor really was shot so an identical-looking post-war version was fitted.  It ran with much more enthusiasm and an original arm replaced the modern one.

Because of the low pressure now pushing the blade onto the screen, wiping is less effective, but there is less strain on the little motor!

August 2005:

Refitted the second windscreen wiper and linkage.  The two blades place a great load on the motor (there are reports of burning out) - so only use in the wet!

The motor does get warm but not excessively so!

The rubber retaining pegs failed very quickly and a 4BA nut & bolt now hold both blades on the arms.