old car

Lichfield Specification

Engine. Mounted on rubber buffers to absorb vibration.  Four-cylinder water cooled, detachable head, bore 63.5mm, stroke 89mm.  Total capacity 1,125cc.  R.A.C.  rating 9.996 h.p.; b.h.p.  20 at 2,600 rpm.  The pistons are of low expansion aluminium alloy, the valves are all on the near side, the induction and exhaust manifolds are cast in one piece to provide a hot spot.  The sturdy crankshaft is carried on three bearings of ample diameter.

I have only ever seen this once in print:  The torque curve is very flat, peak torque is shown as 45lb-ft @ 1,400rpm  that is just 20.3mph in top gear! (14.5mph per 1,000rpm)

Petrol Tank and Filler. The tank has a capacity of 6 gallons and is most conveniently placed at the rear of the car.  The supply to the carburettor is by a petrol pump.  A contents gauge is included on the instrument board.

Ignition. By coil and battery.  The distributor is easily accessible and incorporates an automatic advance and retard mechanism.

Lubrication. Lubrication is by means of a gear wheel pump, forcing oil to all bearings of the crankshaft and camshaft and connecting rod big ends.  A large gauze filter in the oil reservoir is easily removed for cleaning.  Chassis lubrication by grease gun.

Cooling. By thermo-syphon and fan.  Automatic thermostat.

Transmission. The clutch is of the single plate type and takes up the drive very smoothly.  The top, third and second gears have synchromesh engagement which ensures noiseless, certain and easy gearchanges.  The first speed is practically an emergency gear.  The ratios of engine to road wheels are 5.25; 8.04; 12.78 and 21.1 to 1 (corresponding to road speeds of 14.5, 9.5, 6.0 and 3.5 mph at 1,000 rpm) .  The gearbox forms one unit with the engine, and the whole is suspended at three points on rubber bushes to absorb vibration.  Gear changes by a lever mounted centrally and convenient to the driver's hand.  The final drive is by a spiral bevel gear.  The rear axle is of the three-quarter floating type.  The wheels are carried on ball bearings.

Brakes.The brakes are of the expanding type, smooth and powerful.  The hand lever and the pedal both apply the brakes to each of the four wheels simultaneously.  All the brakes are easily accessible for adjustment purposes.

Chassis. The chassis frame is strong and cross-braced.

Steering. The steering is light and responsive.  It is of the worm and worm wheel type with provision for taking up wear.  The electric horn button is in the centre of the hub of the wheel.  Forward of the button is the lever controlling the direction indicators which have automatic cancelling operation.

Suspension. The road springs are semi-elliptic.  They are mounted with non-lubricated "Silentbloc" shackles and there are Andre-Hartford shock absorbers to front and rear of the car.

Wheels and Tyres.   Magna wheels with 4.50-18 Dunlop tyres.
Minimum pressures:   Front 24psi    Rear normal: 24psi    Rear fully laden: 30psi

General Dimensions:   Length: 11ft 7in    Width: 4ft 6in
Height: 5ft 4in   Wheelbase: 7ft 9in     Road clearance: 7in
Track: 3ft 9in    Turning Circle: 37ft 9in   Weight of car, complete: 17cwt

Equipment. 12 volt electric lighting and starting with compensating voltage control.  Hand starter switch on fascia board; chromium plated dip and switch head lamps with foot control; side lamps; combined stop and tail lamp; *bumpers front and rear; combined air strangler and throttle control; clock; electric petrol gauge; magnetic speedometer; electric horn; luggage accommodation; shock absorbers; number plates; spare wheel and tyre.  The tools are securely stowed in special compartments.  *Not on fixed head saloon.

Austin Colours: Royal Blue; Maroon; Westminster Green; Dove Grey; Black

Prices: Saloon with sliding roof: £175 0s 0d   Fixed Head Saloon: £158 0s 0d