old car

Rear Window

The rear window has leaked behind the back seat . . . . . .

October 2003:

As found - 25 years in an open-sided shed on the edge of a wood in a remote valley

Rear window appeared good but it was leaking behind the back seat.  Although the seat was OK the trim wasn't!

December 2003:

After taking out the rear seat back, all was revealed: ugh!

and the slimy black wet area under the seat cannot be good for steel! - though it was only surface rust once it dried out.

April 2004:

The back window was removed to fit a new seal.

The plywood surround which holds the window in place had rotted away by water leaking in.

I made up a new frame using 6mm ply instead of the very thin 4mm ply of the original - and fitted it.

the rear window was refitted just before it started to rain - it kept the rain out but the exposed sealant failed to dry.  Later redone with black Seelastic.

the new surround before painting

the new surround after painting - and the car is waterproof!