old car

Front Passenger Door

October 2003:

As found - 25 years in an open-sided shed on the edge of a wood in a remote valley

The door and door capping will need attention but they will be one of the last things to be tackled.

October 2004:

Winding down the window one day, the steel channel supporting the glass gave way (as they all do) - new channels have been obtained from the Austin Ten Drivers Club.

Please play with me!  One of our assistants takes up more of my time than strictly necessary.

August 2005:

The front passenger door - uncovered.  Apart from the rusted-out support channel it only needed cleaning and painting.

The channel was in two pieces - the channel that held the window was rivetted to the sliding channel in which the window winder ball runs.

The front window winders are very simple compared to a modern car - but work very efficiently

The front window winders are very simple and come out in one simple piece

this is the complete window winder assembly for the nearside (passenger) front door

when reassembled the winder mechanism looks like this

Passenger Door after completing the inside - looks much cleaner!

Passenger Door completed after securing the door cover with raised head countersink screws and countersink washers