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Engine - Dismantling

Sorry about the focus on many of these pictures - I overcompressed the original .jpg's

October 2003:

The engine would rotate about twenty degrees - indicating a stuck valve. Once the head was off it was all too clear that all four exhaust valves were well and truly stuck in their guides.

The engine looked good and was untouched after having been driven into the shed 25 years ago.  But it was seized which meant that I had to take the Head off!

November 2003:

The exhaust manifold was remounted with a solid gasket to blank off the ports and so retain Plus-Gas in the valve pockets.

this is #2 cylinder bore showing light surface rust when the head was removed

#1 Exhaust valve stuck open - seen here with Plus-Gas around valve stem and hopefully working down the guide so the valve can be released

#1 and #4 exhaust valves eventually succumbed to soaking in Plus Gas for five days

(Not for the squeamish!!!) but #2 exhaust valve really did NOT want to move! I bent it in the attempt to remove it!

however after repeated use of Plus-Gas, a mole wrench and gentle rotation of the crankshaft - IT MOVED!  - and I could then remove the last valve and rotate the engine

and here it is - the stem still remarkably dry despite the repeated application of Plus-Gas for fourteen days.  Note how valve is bent compared to the cylinder-head stud!

much of the gunge removed from the valve chest after blocking off the oil drain holes.

Cylinders oiled and the engine turned over for the first time in 25 years; very little bore wear apparent, just a slight ridge (top of picture)

with the engine freed, it was possible to crank the Austin up onto the ramps where it was much easier to get at!

the sump oil filter was thick in the gluey residue of many years of not being cleaned - this suggests that the engine has not been serviced for some time and could be well worn (see oil pressure problems September 05)

the sump was little better but at least there were no little bits in there.  Wish I had shares in Gunk!

December 2003:

The oil pump had one hard-to-get-at nut and one easy-to-get-at nut.  It needed a bit of pulling before it came out complete with the driving shaft and a lot of gunge!

The oil pump was dismantled and the deep grooves in the bottom plate carefully removed by emery on a flat plate (forgot to take a picture!)

the oily bits - covered mostly in thick black residue; not a pretty sight!

the Camshaft looks to be OK with just a faint sign of rust on the lobes

The big-end bearings appeared to be tight and there was no discernible play; all the big-end nuts were tight so (fingers crossed) the dismantling stopped here!

 but - see Big-end Failure September 2005