old car

General Electrical

The electrics were badly corroded, although appear to be complete

October 2003:

Mounted in the chassis under the drivers footboard, the brake light switch appears to be OK (and indeed gave no trouble in the 8 years I owned it).

The new 75 amp-hour battery is secured by a simple strap.  New leads and earth connections have been made up

Although leakage is barely measurable, a battery master switch has been fitted in order to protect the vintage electrics - the key can also be removed as a security measure.

In practice, the dynamo and large battery were sufficient for many night journeys, even with the modern head lights.  However the period Davenset charger was occasionally used for a top-up after a bit of spluttering as the mercury arc rectifier came to life.

A bonus with all the to-ing and fro-ing has been that the ignition switch which was very intermittent - has now come to life and can be relied upon.   A difficult job saved!

The original keys on a very old keyring came with the car

October 2004:

The original horn wasn't working so an old Klaxon has been dug out and fitted - the horn was cut to fit over the top hose.

Tempting to fit a relay (the horn is live all the time) but resisted as the button and wiring are well able to carry the current.