old car

The Brakes

October 2003:

Being purely mechanical, the brakes worked even after having stood for 25 years.   Friction in the linkages means that they are not very good at stopping the car!   Lifting the floorboards to get at the gearbox gave an initial opportunity to reduce play in the brake cross-shaft

May 2004:

It was necessary to jack the car up in order to adjust and fit the new exhaust system.  Undoing the wheel nuts revealed that, although the handbrake was on, the front nearside wheel could still be rotated  .  .  .  .  . 

'er indoors watches as the work proceeds .  .  .  .  . 

June 2004:

This is the rear offside brake assembly

The reason it was not very good at stopping was found to be that all the linings were worn right down and there was no adjustment left on the Bowden cables!

The front brake cables were lubricated with Graphited Grease.  *not a good idea as it produces too much pressure in the cable outers - use oil from an oil gun (see later)

Some leaked out of the coils of the flexible cable but a build-up of pressure soon had the grease on the move!

The nut was removed from the front brake adjuster and the threads of this and the cable end were cleaned up.

The front brake drum was cleaned up with emery paper to remove the rust

with the drum off (two countersunk screws) the brake assembly looked to be in good order, although the front brake linings are well worn!

All linings front and rear were similarly worn but it was decided to leave the bedded-in linings in place until the car was on the road.

and the operating cam is free to move

September 2004:

the front/rear balance meant the rear brakes came on too soon - easily adjusted by lengthening the brake rods to the rear brakes on each side using a 3/16" BSF spanner.  After at least 26 years both sides were free and adjusted easily.

November 2004:

although all joints move freely and without play, the brake relay arms and pivots were cleaned and lubricated.

see  Brake Relining  for relining the brakes